The pace of technological change, the rise of a multipolar and interconnected world, and the challenges of climate change are disrupting the government’s agendas. As a reaction, this may lead to a focus on issues that are closer in time and space.

In a reality stuck in the present, we urge governments at any level, society and purpose-driven businesses to join forces and rethink the key aspect of the world as we know it.

The people’s participation in public decision making, the way public policy is designed and delivered and the whole idea of growth and prosperity need a twist. We need to face the age of AI and global challenges without losing the angle of public value creation.

The international community of GovTech will gather in Milan to rethink democracy, policy and growth and create the conditions to make new things happen.



Two days of inspirational speeches, workshops, and powerful ideas to rethink society through a transformative public sector. We also host talks, but we love to think and do. The GovTech Forum is a platform where a community of practice and intent gathers.

Inspirational talks

Keynote speeches lasting 20 minutes by international thought leaders on the future of govtech to get inspired and start imagining and planning the future.

What you get
mindblowing energy and inspiration

3 ideas to rethink

5-minutes presentations of transformative ideas on how to rethink Italy, democracy, policy, and growth.
No slides, just pure ideas and proposals delivered straight to the point.

What you get
actionable ideas


Workshops of  2 hours each: tourism and Made in Italy, development of the inner areas, digital single market (EU), open innovation in gov, GovTech for the last billion  and a GovTech mediterranean agenda.

What you get
creating the conditions for change

Day 1 March 13
The first half-day will be dedicated to topics in the Italian agenda. 
We will explore how GovTech can transform Italy. Two workshops will focus on tourism & Made in Italy, and inner areas development.
Part of the content will be in Italian.
Day 2 March 14
An entire day dedicated to GovTech on an international scale, featuring thought leaders from around the world. Conducted entirely in English, the sessions will focus on rethinking democracy and citizen engagement, policy design and making, and growth and capital.

Don't miss out the Govtech night on March 13th:
a networking night with a community of like minded GovTech enthusiasts

Discover the full agenda

GovTech Expo

Discover the most innovative technologies from corporates and govtech startups who will exhibit during the forum.

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2024 edition: memories

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GovTechForum speakers 2024

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The event is aimed at policymakers, technological innovators and public administrations in Italy and around the world.

Participation is free of charge for those coming from the public sector and for citizens under the age of 25.

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Get results in terms of

Thought Leadership

Join the debate on how to innovate in govtech together with the protagonists on the Forum stage.

Stakeholder engagement

Develop and strengthen your connections and grow your relationships and business.


Share a vision, design meaningful projects, build coalitions for change and mobile resources.

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GovTech Award

We aim to identify and honor the most innovative GovTech startups and SMEs on an international level, and the award ceremony will take place during the GovTech Forum.

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GovTech Awards

Who we are


We are an operational think tank on GovTech and innovation in the public system.

We believe that public institutions can lead human progress, explore new frontiers, enable the innovators, and mobilize the resources needed to address the challenges we are facing as citizens and businesses - from systemic implications to daily life - positively shaping the digital transformation that is taking place.

Feel is a space to feel, imagine and decode innovation for public  goods and services.

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